Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Vote on my Christmas Card Magnet!

DR and I started a Christmas tradition when our boys were only toddlers. We send a wallet sized family photo on a business card size magnet along with our Christmas cards. It's been pretty popular with family! I've been to a few people's houses where our growing magnet collection is on their fridge! And of course once we started Grandma expects it every year and I can't disappoint Grandma! 

For months I have been trying to get a good family photo for our magnet! Yip and Yap seem to think normal smiles are over rated...gggrrr. 

Finally, Sunday morning before church I dragged everyone outside for a photo. Bbbbrrrr, it was in the 40's and cold and I was in no mood for any funny business. We were going to do this quick! I had seen this idea from a professional photographer, posing a family reading books. Since we are big readers I thought it would be cute! Well, we rushed it and couldn't get a photo of Yap with his eyes open but I did manage to narrow down our options to these two photos. 

Option #1 

Option #2

Yap's eyes are closed and this is Yip's version of a smile.
*sigh* ...at least they are natural I suppose. 

So, help me out. 
Tell me in the comments below which photo we should send with Christmas cards! 


  1. I like the second one because you can see everyone's face--but the first one is great, too! Is DR reading "Who Moved My Cheese?" LOL-Great book!

  2. I'm thinking the second one because you can see almost everyone's eyes, and all of your faces. Kinda looks like someone walked up to you all and asked you to, "smile at the camera!"

    Also, the weird smile thing frustrates me and my husband to no end. :o)

  3. I'm going with the faces up because everyone who receives a card will want to see them. The other one would look great on your wall!

  4. Heather just wanted to drop over and wish you a wonderful holiday! Embrace the blessings of the season!

    Kasse D

  5. Thats so hard. I had to go back up to read what everyone else put- I have no mind of my own:) But it was actually my pick too! But go with your gut!

    Kasse D.

  6. I think that later on you will be very glad for the memory of that 'smile'.

  7. Really, The business card magnets is so pretty popular with family in Christmas session. your grandma has innovative idea to make business card with photo.


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