Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Finally Home!

Phew! We made it. In one piece. 1982 miles...give or take a few.  

Mile 102 - We were all immersed in a VERY competitive Cow Game. I lost. (I'll blog on that later)

Mile 504 - Yahoo was awake at 5 AM! "Child!!! Don't you realize this is vacation?? Sleep!!!"

Mile 631 - We checked out the St. Louis Arch and ate at one of my favorite restaurants in St. Louis, Morgan Street Brewery.  

Mile 780 - Finally! We made it to family who had a bonfire and hot dogs waiting for us. Yay! I think Yap's blisters will heal soon. For some reason he was fascinated with the burning coals the next morning. 

Mile 786 - We visited a place where DR took me on one of our very first dates, Merom Bluffs. The bluffs, in Indiana, over look the Wabash River and Illinois. The first time DR brought me here it was covered in a pristine blanket of snow. It's still lovely, even in dreary November. 

Mile 925 - DR and I did ended up in a huge argument (over something VERY stupid) on my sister's front lawn. (Sorry Officer!) I blame it all on not enough sleep and too much time in the car! 

Mile 1083 - I met one one very brave woman! My youngest brother's new girlfriend joined in our Christmas festivities. This was no small feat on her part. She faced my brother's grandmother, great aunt, parents, one cousin, five siblings, five in-laws, five nephews (two of which were puking) and two nieces...and a LOT of noise. Not only did she tolerate all of us but she did it two days in a row! Crazy or brave?? 

Mile 1094 - Sunday morning worshiping in the little country church where I grew up. Nothing had changed. Yet, everything had. I had tears in my eyes. 

Mile 1100 - Guns!!! What a tradition! Part of my mother's family gets together twice a year to eat and target shoot! 

Marvel Man and Officer (my BIL and Sister) brought TWO cases of handguns for us to shoot! How fun, of course they had to coach me in the right way to hold a pistol. It has sure been a long time since I'd been out on the range! 

Yip shot all afternoon, despite the weather being cold and rainy. He sure enjoyed all the help Papa gave him. The Hoosiers were tired of rain...I could have stood in it all day long.  

Our 6 day trip went by in a whirlwind and all too soon it was time to head back to Kansas. I don't say head home because HOME will always be Indiana! 

Mile 1453 - After two nights of sleeping on couches (no complaints!) DR and I finally got to sleep in the same bed. DR is a good cuddler but he's kind of a blanket hog. 

Mile 1704 - $7 Wrangler jeans for Yip and Yap! I love Outlet Malls!  

Mile 1977 - Yahoo FINALLY fell asleep after hours of being pretty darn slap happy. Five miles later we were home. 

I loved being home. I loved seeing family and friends, although I didn't get to see everyone or those I did for as long as I would have liked. I loved seeing trees and smelling and feeling rain again. But, I was sure glad to leave when we did. The 4-8 inches Indiana received a couple days later would NOT have been much fun! 

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  1. And you missed yesterday's snow! Never a dull moment here in Indiana. Last week it was tornados?!?! Glad you had a great time. Now rest and nest!


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