Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oklahoma Thanksgiving

Other than my brother I have family who have lived in southern Oklahoma for over thirty years. And although, growing up, I didn't spend a lot of time with this side of the family we still keep in touch and visit whenever possible.

My cousin Kim called a couple weeks ago and said they were planning a Thanksgiving dinner this past weekend since that was the only Saturday my brother and her son both had off work. So in a whirlwind, we drove down for dinner.

I love family dinners because although I only brought mashed potatoes it was a feast of wonderful food that I didn't have to cook!

Family dinners crack me up because, like every family, there are always a few characters that make you smile! 

Like this wonderful guy Jake. He is a wonderful guy but he annoys me to no end! Mostly because he runs and hides when ever I try to take his picture! 
Goal for 2012: Get a good picture of Jake! 

This wonderful smiling little buddy is David. I love David because he is a camera hog! Ha, everytime I come around he'll gladly pose for me. He was especially proud that we were able to get a pic of him jumping off the swing. 

Now my boys and David and his little brother Charlie love spending time with one another. On Friday in fact, while we were driving, David convinced his teacher that he had to call home and MAKE SURE he hadn't missed my boys arrival! Ha, what a wonderful teacher he must have. 

Although it was a fast trip and I was sick and exhausted the whole time it was worth it. I got to see a family and friends I don't remember seeing since I was in elementary school. 

I don't think I could ever get tired of family dinners! 

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  1. Home is where your heart is, and it sounds like some of yours will always be in Oklahoma! Glad you had a great time and have had some fast and furious but fun family time these past days!


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