Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Whatever Wednesday - The Death of My Shoes

As all married couples have probably figured out, husbands and wives get on each others nerves. I guess that's what happens when all the little embarrassing things you hide while you are dating come out after the wedding. My husband leaves his socks on the floor and falls asleep to the bugs me. I have a million craft projects strewn around the house and he doesn't like how I organize the kitchen...that bugs him. But what really gnaws at him, what really gets his goat are my shoes.
To defend myself, I don't where these in public. I know they are ugly. That's the point! I wear these to the basement to do laundry, to get the mail, or to work in the garden. They are easy to get on and off especially when I'm carrying a baby or a basket of laundry. I live out in the country folks, I NEED grubby shoes.

Their are nicely broken in and comfy.
I have an intimate relationship with these shoes! After all I've had them for, oh let's do the math....oh my. I have had these shoes an embarrassing amount of time. Let's just say these shoes are older than my children...combined. You do the math.

Hubby has been nagging me, constantly and persistently, to get rid of these shoes.

"But what will I wear to the garden?" I whined.

"Go get a pair of those Croc shoes. They'll wash off easy." he replied.

I cringed. Crocs...uugghh....I thought Crocs were ugly. I have never figured out what the attraction was to those shoes. But my shoes are ugly too so what the heck. I went shoe shopping and found these. Not Crocs but close.
And oh, was I ever wrong. Now I know why people wear these all over the place. They are SO SO comfy! I have been wearing these constantly for a week! They are like little pillows for my feet.

I still think they are ugly but, hey, I won't be wearing them in public. Well, maybe just once. They are really, really comfy!

Now hubby is happy and he burned my shoes yesterday. I snuck out of bed last night, gathered the ashes and ceremoniously scattered them in the dark. They served me well those wonderful shoes. Silently, in my Croc knockoffs, I tiptoed back in the house. Hubby was right and I was wrong. I did need a new pair of shoes...just don't tell him I told you so.


  1. Wow, when I saw those shoes I thought they were Grandma's. And then him burning them sounds a lot like her slippers.

  2. You, my dear, are the only problem with my family reading this blog. I thought of Grandma, and her slippers, and I am afraid I am going to be just like her!! ha, ha

  3. That was another thought than ran through my head.

  4. I've been meaning to buy a pair of crocs for a while now, I too think they'are ugly, but if they are comfortable and easy to slip on and off then why not?


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