Thursday, February 25, 2010

Crafters ADD

My husband laughs at me. Well, he laughs at me for a lot of reasons but he teases me the most about my "projects" being spread all over the house. I have knitting projects, embroidery projects, sewing projects, drawing and painting projects - all in progress. We won't even go into my cooking projects! There Then I have the stashes of craft materials for those projects I have yet to begin or the supplies for projects I can't do while my kids are small. Like the carving chisels I have stashed away from my college days when I carved a buffalo. I can't exactly have those laying around two five year old boys who use anything and everything as a weapon against one another. Could you imagine the damage they could do? Of course they have their own artsy crafty stash of markers, stickers, paint, glue...I really think they have better supplies than I do!

Where was I? Oh, yeah...Crafters ADD. I have it. Working only on one project from beginning to end is unfathomable to me. I get bored with knitting so I draw for a while. Or I'm riding in the car so I work on a small project like embroidery. I'm one of those people who has to have something to do..all...the...time! I'm starting to rethink this whole blog idea. Do I really need another project??? Sure..why not?

I blame it on my mother (isn't that the classic Freudian response) because she is the same way. Now that all of her kids are out of the house her projects are bigger and take up more poor dad! Basket making, blacksmithing (if you can believe it), sewing, tatting. Whenever I am at Mom's house I get these eerie feelings that someday this will be my future. Stuff EVERYWHERE and my husband tripping over it. But I can change my destiny right? I don't have to become like my mother, do I? Do I? Let's take a look at the evidence of my house and you be the judge.

Yep...I'm doomed to be my like my mother. At least I'll never be bored!

P.S.- My sister just called. She is sending me wool roving and the plans to make a drop spindle to learn to spin my own yarn. Ssshhh...don't tell my husband.


  1. I have the same problem! For every craft project I finish, there are about 5 that I don't!

  2. Maybe we could trade projects to finish for each other! LOL


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