Friday, September 30, 2011

Foody Friday - Octopus Dogs and the Condiment Conundrum

I found this idea somewhere online. My problem is I'll see an idea, then it'll sit in my brain for a couple weeks, then I can't remember where I saw it to begin with. Who ever came up with this idea first...thanks for sharing.

Cut up your hot dogs and poke in some spaghetti...
(as if the photos weren't self-explanatory enough.)


My kids LOVED this! They thought these looked like octopus legs coming out of the hotdog. HA!
Personally, I can't stand hot dogs and didn't eat these but it was a nice dinner considering none of my kids complained about what we were eating.

But here's the tough part of the meal...what condiments to serve?

Parmesan cheese or ketchup and mustard? Go with Yip's version and just load up on all three. Eeewww....


  1. This looks like something JohnDeere would eat! His two fave foods--yuck to the hotdogs from me, too!

    Tell the boys their uncle would probably use barbeque sauce!

  2. what about adding cheese? alfredo sauce? if stirred in, would it ruin the noodles and hot dogs?

    1. Cheesy Alfredo Sauce sounds good! I actually haven't made this in a while and should surprise the kids with it sometime :)


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