Thursday, September 8, 2011

How to Juice Tomatoes

I bet one of the burning questions you wanted answered in your life is, "How do I juice a tomato?"


Your burning life question is, 
"How do I get a date with Hugh Jackman aka Wolverine?" 
Yeah. That's mine too. 

Sorry. Since I can't get you (or me) a date with Wolverine I'll just answer your second burning life to juice a tomato. 

Pick (or buy) some juicy red tomatoes from your garden (or grocery). 

Place tomatoes in boiling water for a few minutes....

...until the peel starts to split. The time the tomato needs to sit in the boiling water depends on size, variety, ripeness but just a few minutes should do the trick. 

Place hot tomatoes in a bowl of cold water and allow to cool. 

When the tomatoes are cool peel the skins and throw them away. I had all kinds of sized tomatoes in my garden this year. I'm desperate for tomato juice (you'll see why tomorrow) so I even used teeny tomatoes....

...though the big ones are best for juicing. 

Now place your peeled tomatoes in a colander. You could make any old colander work but I have a juicing colander with a stand that I probably got from a grandma or mother in law. I wouldn't have a clue where you could buy one like this. Don't forget to place a bowl underneath to catch the juice!

Then smoosh your tomatoes with a wooden pestle, or your hands...wooden spoon....whatever. Let your toddler stomp the juice out...that works!! 
(Just kidding..kinda) 

Look at all that bright red juice! I'm so excited! I can't stand to drink tomato juice straight; I have some much better in mind for it! (I'll share it tomorrow!) 

Keep smooshing until all you have left is just a small pile of pulp at the bottom. 

Then transfer your juice to a clean milk jug, a cut off pop bottle makes a great funnel, and refrigerate until needed. I've even put juice in the freezer for a few weeks until I needed it. 

There, I've answered your burning question...well, at least your second one. 
I'm still waiting for an answer to the Hugh Jackman/Wolverine question. 

But, can anyone tell me WHY I can't get my photos turned?? I've tried editing in two different programs and I can't get them posted here in the right direction. Has any other blogger had this problem? Any suggestions? 

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  1. no suggestions about the photos, sometimes blogger gets wonky and makes pictures tough though. Tomato juice looks pretty good, wish I had the patience to squeeze my own!


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