Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cadillac Ranch

I've been going through four months of digital photos (thousands of em) on my computer and camera TRYING to get them organized/deleted/printed. is a blessing and a curse. 

I forgot about these photos of Cadillac Ranch I visited while in Amarillo, Texas last month. 

Cadillac Ranch is right off the highway on a frontage road. If you aren't looking for it, you'd probably drive by without ever noticing it. The only reason I saw it was because their were a dozen cars parked along the side of the road.  

You have to walk a couple hundred yards off the road to go see these half buried cars. 

If you go, bring some spray paint. While I was there I saw at least four different people adding their own graffiti to the cars. It's an ever changing art project. 

This sign made me laugh was on "this side of the fence"
ACTION...Blatant disregard for the law...ha! 

It was kind of neat to see and I liked the idea of visitors adding their own artistic touch. 

I just wish they had picked up their mess :( 

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  1. I've seen pictures of these cars but never known anyone who actually saw them. Yeah, it's a different way to express yourself. I think I like Chris Ledoux's song by the same title better than this version of art!

    Hope all is well with you. I've just been crazy busy. I will try to get back in the swing of being a good blogger buddy from now on!



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