Monday, September 19, 2011

Marker Monday - Liquid Nails (Nailed?) Dragon

I gotta just say that this project was so much fun. Painting this dragon felt more like playing and nothing like work! I showed you another painting where I used liquid nails..
..and I put liquid nails on this canvas at the same time. 

I just dripped and dropped it on without any thought of what it may turn out to be. After the liquid nails was dry I spent a few days looking at it from every angle and decided it needed to be a dragon! I love how it turned out. I don't often frame and hang my artwork in my house but I think I will hang this one. 
A close up of the paw and belly. 

After I was all done, Yip and Yap wanted to do one too. All we had left in the garage was a tube of silicone (like what you use to caulk your bathtub). It didn't turn out as well as the liquid nails but it still kind of worked. 

Here's Yap's masterpiece! to raid my husband's hardware supplies for more ideas....bwah hah hah! 

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