Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On the Sick and Injured List

I wasn't very good about posting this past weekend was I?

I have a good excuse though...I was side lined. This may be the only time where Payton Manning and I ever have anything in common. We are too injured to work. Geez, I just wish he and I had that rich and famous thing in common too.

What is my injury you ask? Ha!
I cut my finger.

"Whoop de doo!", you say? Oh believe me, I let out a whoop!

*sigh* I was cutting celery last week with a very sharp knife and sliced the tip of my finger. I'm such a clutz. I've cut myself with said knife at least a half dozen times. You'd think I'd learn and just get rid of the knife. But it just works so well. (Obviously!!! DUH!)

It may not look bad since it's all wrapped up but I'm not taking off the bandage to show you the extent of it. It bled through 4 band-aids and I (eeewwww) found the big chunk of skin still left on the celery when I returned to the kitchen. I haven't been able to type for four days because of it. (boo hoo)

And to give my weekend an even bigger kick I was sick in bed over the weekend with a stomach bug. Why is it that little injuries, oh like the tip of my finger, hurts worse than large injuries? Can anyone explain that? I've broken bones and injured myself lots and it's always the little body parts that hurt the worst.

This little guy was the only productive thing I made all weekend.
Cute isn't he? I think he's fairly symbolic of the my weekend; band-aids and bugs.I just hope this week is more productive :)

P.S. - I need more pretty band-aids;
I've used more for bugs than I have for my finger!


  1. Hope your feeling better and your finger stops hurting.

    Love Ya!

  2. I think small injuries hurting more has something to do with nerve endings. Whatever! You didn't really need to hear that, right?

    I'm the biggest clutz and cut myself so many times when I was first learning to cook. I want to type that I haven't cut myself in forever but I'm terrified to jinx it.

    Have a great day!


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