Monday, September 5, 2011

3D, Cardboard, Texture and Buffalo...and paint.

I follow a lot of art teacher blogs. Not that I'm teaching art right now (*sniff*) but I really enjoy looking through some of the great art projects other teachers come up with. And in the case of That Artist Woman's Mixed Media Owl project, I am sometimes inspired in my own work. 

I started off by highjacking a tube of DR's liquid nails out of the garage and smearing half the tube onto two old canvases (I'm still working on the second one). Then I added some texture with some bits of wood and stuff while it was still wet. At this point I had a VERY vague idea of what I was going to create. I decided to just go with the flow and have fun. 

That Artist Woman used wall spackle but I was too impatient to get started to go buy some, so I just searched the garage for something that would work. After the liquid nails dried (geez, hope DR doesn't need it for anything) I painted up the, grass....

...and then I cut out a few pieces of cardboard and painted a few of them like some funky clouds and glued them on.....

...and the others I cut out and painted up for the buffalo and the grass in the foreground. 

It isn't a great painting by any means but it was a lot of fun painting on texture and adding a three dimensional element. If I ever get back to teaching this is definitely something I would do with my students. 

The second textured canvas is coming along and it wilder and crazier and has to do with dragons! I'm hoping to get that one done to share with you in a couple weeks. 

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