Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Flag Football and the world of men!

Last week my boys had their first flag football scrimmage. 

That's it...I need a new camera lens that has more ZOOM!!! These pics just aren't good enough. 

Yip is under the red arrows and Yap is under the blues. 

I LOVE watching them play...when I wasn't chasing after Yahoo. 

I suddenly realized at their football game that they are growing up into young men. Yeah, I always knew they were growing up....the sheer number of tennis shoes I've had to buy this year was a testament to that. Geez...are they every going to slow down growing? At this rate they'll be taller than me by 3rd grade! 

I mean, my boys are growing up and joining the world of men....a place where I'll never be able to go. 

Boys don't act like girls. (Yeah, newsflash!) It cracks me up the amount of communication that goes on between boys and men through their body language. There were high fives, knuckle hits, slaps on the back. I just couldn't quite understand it. 

See those two coaches up there? God Bless Em! Those two are patient enough to coach a handful of 7 & 8 year olds who want nothing more than to tackle each other. Listening can be hard for little boys but those two men are such patient, positive role models. 

But I think it's awesome that I don't get how boys/men communicate with one another. 

Moms give birth to kids and for the next few years they are virtually inseparable.
Got a hurt? Go see Mom. Got a fight? Go see Mom. Need help? Go see Mom.

But finally they are in a world of men that I can't help them out much with. And that's awesome because that means that my boys are growing up and learning to be independent and building relationships with adults other than their parents.

I love to watch football, though I don't understand much of it, and I'll be there to cheer them on at every game. I'll giggle at all the butt slaps and chest beating...and I'll silently thank God that there are great coaches like those guys up there that give their time and energy to help raise my sons into men. 


  1. Right tackle and left guard or tight end and left guard?

  2. I've just started watching Friday Night Lights and think it's very true about coaches. They play such a big part in forming kids into men and women.

    How nice for your boys to start playing organized sports.


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