Wednesday, September 14, 2011


You'll never believe what DR found over the weekend. 
He was pulling up a dense patch of  bean plants that I didn't like when he told me to bring the camera. 


Well, they looked like morels but they didn't quite have the right density or texture as a morel and they had a weird covering to them but still, a pretty darn big mushroom! And in Kansas in the middle of a drought! 

They were probably 4 inches long....should have brought out the ruler. 
We didn't eat em' but were still shocked they were there.
Guess their existence goes to prove we've been pouring on PLENTY of water to our garden this droughty summer! 


  1. SERIOUSLY????? This time of year? You may have just struck gold! Make sure or send them this way, and we will have them checked for you ;-)

  2. Wow, what luck?!?! i hope you fry them up and enjoy them.


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