Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What does your refrigerator say about you?

I am currently participating in Walk Kansas, a statewide initiative to get exercising more and eating better. Along with my 5 teammates, my goal is at least twenty minutes of vigorous exercise a day and 4 cups of fruits and/ or vegetables. To help us towards our goal Walk Kansas sends out newsletters and shares healthy living tips on their Facebook page.

On of their shared links was Mark Menjivar's You Are What You Eat Photography Exhibit. Menjivar traveled the country for three years asking to photograph people's refrigerators.

He says, For three years I traveled around the country exploring food issues. The more time I spent speaking and listening to individual stories, the more I began to think about the foods we consume and the effects they have on us as individuals and communities.
An intense curiosity and questions about stewardship led me to begin to make these unconventional portraits. A refrigerator is both a private and a shared space. One person likened the question, “May I photograph the interior of your fridge?” to asking someone to pose nude for the camera.
Each fridge is photographed “as is”. Nothing added, nothing taken away.

These are portraits of the rich and the poor. Vegetarians, Republicans, members of the NRA, those left out, the under appreciated, former soldiers in Hitler’s SS, dreamers, and so much more. We never know the full story of one’s life.

There are about 20 different refrigerators on his website. And it's funny but as I flipped through the photos and read the very brief descriptions I did get a sense that what is in your fridge can really reveal a lot about a person.

The teacher who chose to eat only local produce

A one person household on a $432 fixed monthly budget.
(This one just made me so sad.)

Twelve point buck shot on the family farm.
(The tequila is a nice touch.)

Three College students in a heavy metal band.
(Hey, Pale Ale! At least they have good taste in beer.)

So, I wonder...what does my refrigerator say about me, Prairie Mother?

My fridge a few days after hitting the store for produce.
I don't have a very organized fridge do I? It looks like half my stuff is going to fall out.

I included my door since it holds so much stuff.
I think it's safe to say we like condiments in our house! And yes, that is a giant container of Parmesan cheese next to the giant size apple juice. Yip and Yap sure like their 'shaker cheese'.

So, what does my fridge say about me?

How about you? Care to drop a link in the comments and share your fridge photos with us?


  1. My freezer has frozen martini glasses ( always keep a stash for those shaken cocktails) My refrigerator has a lot of meals that have been prepared, that are now leftovers.

    You are right, a refrigerator can tell a lot about someone. Thanks for sharing this with us.


  2. Your's looks very similar to mine, except you have more in yours. With D gone, I don't make as much food as usual so I don't buy as much. I am considering changing the look of mine by adding a box of wine ;)
    Looking through some of the other photos of the project you linked to was interesting...and some were sad. After the first two photos, I tried to guess the others (family, single, married no kids) before reading the captions. I was often wrong.


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