Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DR's Date Night Nightmare

DR and I had a date over the weekend...woo hoo!!
It doesn't happen very often and I was excited. DR kept asking me where I wanted to eat. Heck! I wasn't doing the cooking or cleaning up so I didn't care and told him to choose.

We ended up at Las Margaritas Mexican Restaurant.
 It was small and cozy and had really good food.

Yay! I had a margarita! I've always wanted about a dozen of those cactus glasses....I just think they are just too darn cute!

I had a great dinner but DR??? Mmmmm, not so much.

There was a table full of high school prom kids out at the table right next to us.I loved looking at all of those pretty dresses. I thought the girl in lime looked just like a blooming flower. There were nine very excited girls and one, very quiet, boy enjoying dinner before prom.

Oh, they weren't loud or crazy or anything but poor DR couldn't stop staring.

He wasn't staring out of fascination or admiration or nostalgia.

He was staring out of sheer terror!

DR: "Those are girls...teenage girls."

Me: "Yes honey. Good observation."

DR: "Yahoo's a girl."

Me: "Yes dear she's a girl. And she just turned two years old. How long did it take you to figure that out?"

DR shakes his head: "Yahoo's going to become a teenage girl!!!!" (He said this as though shocking information had just been revealed.) "She's not going to want to dress up like that.....is she?""

"Oh silly Daddy!! Of course I am! Ha ha ha...you have soooo much to learn about little girls!"

DR wasn't in much of a good mood for the rest of the night.

Me? I thought it was hilarious!


  1. haha! So funny. We have 2 girls...double the trouble!


  2. Best line - "He said this as though shocking information had just been revealed" haha!

    The whole "teenage girl" part has both Spencer and I pretty worried! Sweet Pea will be 13 in just 4.5 years. yikes!

  3. Oh, how funny! And yes, girls dress how they want to dress, no matter what.....my 4 year old is already there!

  4. Oh my this made me chuckle. My husband absolutely has had the same moment. It's going to be a tough day when our daddy has to let his lil girls leave the house in a prom dress!

  5. Too funny! Reminds me of my dad...he only had a brother growing up, then got married and wound up with two little girls! Poor guy :)

  6. Haha - your poor husband! I guess it's better that he realizes it early on instead of waking up one day to find she's 16 and have a complete freak out.


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