Thursday, March 3, 2011

Photo Thursday - A Day in the life...

Good March morning!

Energetically working on an art project.

The never ending blanket.

Sick day, stuck in bed.

Driving by a grass fire. Didn't have to drive through the smoke, yay!

Posing with Mom....I love kisses!

What is your day like in pictures?


  1. This is what I need to do to try and catch up with my readers! Today, I am off to our friendly John Deere store to sit with a bunch of guys and refresh/add to my knowledge of the Apex mapping system. WOOO! :-) Steve was going to go with, but he just informed me a bearing is going out of the one of the feed conveyors, so I have to take good notes. A day in the life of a farmer. Ok! I am copying this and posting it!

  2. I really enjoyed this post. And who doesn't love kid kisses?

  3. My day in pictures would be very boring - I woke up, drove my husband to work, ate breakfast and now I'm on the computer. haha. But I am doing some more interesting things this afternoon, so it might not be completely boring!

  4. I stumbled across your blog from Lana's. Love that first picture!

  5. My first time here and love the looks of that blanket you're knitting! Beautiful:)


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