Thursday, March 24, 2011

Photo Thursday - My Drive Through the Country...and the Attack of The Barn Owls!

Over the weekend I took off for a little drive through the country.
DR and I have been stumbling across all kinds of old windmills and farmsteads out here.

There is one location I know of where I can stop in the middle of the road and see three old windmills in the distance. There aren't many of these guys left in other parts of the country but they are bountiful here.

I came across this little old shack in the middle of no where and didn't think anyone would mind if I took a few pictures.

I wonder how old that house and windmill is?

I admired the roughness of it and began walking around quickly snapping photos.

Here's a view of a windmill you don't often see.
The windmill was less than an arm span from the building so that made me think it wasn't a house. Who'd want a squeaky windmill right out their front door? Or maybe it was and the windmill was added later. Or maybe it was built that way on purpose because some farmer didn't want to travel too far to work on his windmill.  


The building was abandoned and in disrepair. I wonder if it had been a house at one time or if it had been built with a different purpose? I didn't go inside the building of course but there were plenty of open windows that I could shoot through. I was really enjoying myself, finding all the wonderful photo opportunities when I suddenly heard some loud rustling up above and to my right.

I stepped back quickly. I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to unidentified sounds!

Holy smoke! A huge bird flew out of the doorway from the attic and scared the bejeezus out of me!!!!

And then there was a second one!!!

It was a pair of barn owls!  These two photos were all I managed to get of them. I did manage to get a glimpse of their faces and they were gorgeous!

They flew off in different directions. From what I've read on them I assume they were a pair nesting in the old barn. I've read barn owls will use the same nesting site over and over again. Now that I know where they are I'm going to return sometime and maybe I'll get a better shot.

borrowed from Internet
Aren't they beautiful? I just love the shape of their faces.
Wish me luck and maybe I'll have some better photos soon! 


  1. Very cool pics! I miss the old windmills, even though I am surrounded by the new wind turbines. We have one about a mile away, and many people come to take pictures that include the past and the present. So with you on not liking unidentified noises! YIKES!

  2. We have barn owls that live in our commodity barn and every summer I'm able to capture photos of the new much fun! You must have had a fun time exploring!

  3. Umm...your killing me with all these Kansas shots. I wanna go!!!

  4. I love barn owls! I used to volunteer at the raptor rehab center in college, and we'd get a lot of them coming in. They are some mighty loud creatures if you upset them, for sure!


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