Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gardening has begun!

The Gardening has begun!! Let's Till the Soil!!

This is what my healthy men were up to over the weekend. I was sick in bed but managed to snap a few pictures before collapsing into sleep yet again.

I missed the mighty spreading of the compost but the boys did tell me they weren't impressed with the smell.

Yip and Yap diligently raked up dirt clumps following DR and the tiller.
It will be a while before we get to planting but at least this is start and the compost willhave some time to work in the soil.

It was cold and the boys wisely donned their gloves.

That's exactly how I feel Yip! Thumbs up to the gardening season!!


  1. As I came home from a brown bag meeting with the lovely ladies of Real Farmwives of America, I discovered that we, too, were spreading organic matter in the pasture just east of the house. Some if dripped/fell off in transit in our drive, found it's way on my tires, and now the garage has a new OLD smell to it. Your crew WOULD be impressed with this smell. ME not so much! ;-)

  2. Good for you for being on the ball in getting ready for gardening! I'm really impressed. I would love to do this, but there's still snow and the ground is frozen, so there's not much point.

    I hope you're feeling better! :)


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