Monday, March 28, 2011

Marker Monday - Coffee Filter Flowers

Here's a simple craft Yahoo and I worked on last week. Simple because it doesn't involve paint. I love to paint, but not with Yahoo. With her, paint always ends up everywhere but the paper she's supposed to paint on. Namely, it lands on her. But this was a simple project with not too much mess so cleanup was really quick.

Using magic markers (not permanent ) Yahoo scribbled on some flat coffee filters. I kept trying to get her to color more towards the edge but she was happy working in the middle.

I did a couple too.

Don't worry about coloring too nicely because the next step is to spray your drawing lightly with water. Spray it just enough to get the colors to run together.

Allow the coffee filters to dry then stack two or three together, pinch the center of the circles and scrunch the edges together to form flowers. I wrapped a pipe cleaner onto the bottom and stuck our flowers in a vase.

A quick way to enjoy some flowers if it isn't quite warm enough to go outside and enjoy any....yet!


  1. I think I'm going to have to try this. I have seen it where you use permanent markers and rubbing alcohol, but this will be much easier for Mel.

  2. Funny, we did almost the same thing last week! We were learning the letter U and when they were dry we used a colorful straw and made them into umbrellas.

    I'm thinking of doing coffee filter flowers for mothers day, with a kid-decorated "vase" to go with it!

    I know what you mean about the paint and toddlers, it seems it ends up in their mouth, on their face, on their palms, and on the table... and maybe a little on the paper :o)

  3. Love this, love anything colorful after leaving most of the color behind in Florida. Trying to adjust, but it might take a while!


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