Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Guest Post by DR...a Kansas Country Drive.

Over the weekend the weather was gorgeous in SW Kansas.
DR and I both took some time to take some solo drives through the countryside.
We never know what we'll find out here.  

DR came back with some pretty cool photos (and thoughts) he'd like to share with you today.

Cow skulls rock!
Built like a brick....(fill in the blank!)

This is what my house would look like if the boys (DR too) were left unsupervised.

Field ready!

(rust in peace)

No matter where you go in this part of Kansas you will run across farm machinery in a field or pasture, at all times of the year. It's so dry here that farmers don't need to worry too much about their equipment rusting.
Of course some of these look to have been out for QUITE a while!


  1. Ok, you just further confirmed the fact that I want to travel to Kansas. I thought the sunflower fields convinced me, but I think those photos did me in for good!
    Thanks. Now, I just have to convince the hubs.;0)

  2. So different from our farmland, where rust is a constant problem!


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