Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Table

Look how hard at work the men in my life are! There they are in the garage slaving away.
Cutting, nailing, sanding...what are they up to?
Okay, only one of them is hard at work. DR runs the power tools while Yip is always standing at the ready to pick up wood. Yap keeps his bum useful holding down that seat!
DR is building me a new dining room table! He always amazes me....he had the whole table and 8 stools built in one day.
And they're great!
Dirt and sawdust looks good on you Yip!
The reason DR is so hard at work is for Thanksgiving. Now, I don't expect a big crowd for Turkey Day but I did invite a few people and our current dining table just wasn't big enough; I'll compare the two later. Our dining room is small so space is at a premium; rather than chairs DR and I decided stools would work well.

Now that the table and stools are done Yahoo and I have the job of sanding and staining. Okay, it's my job alone...
DR tried a couple different stool designs. I'm thinking a dark walnut stain. What do you think?

Even though DR banged this out fast and I really love it, because he made it, it's not anything fancy. This table and chairs was designed for kids in mind. I know my kids will climb, draw, paint and give this table a good workout in the next decade or so. But it's sturdy and affordable. DR only spent about $100 and all the materials!
I love the looks of it all though. Sturdy, a bit rustic and practical...nothing fancy.
My new table is 3 ft. by 5 ft, big enough to seat 8 people. I can't wait to get it finished and in the house!
Even though I only invited a few family members (you know who you are) don't be offended if you didn't get a call from me! Hey, I'll happily feed anyone who shows up on my doorstep on Thanksgiving. So, if you have nowhere to eat turkey swing on by and check out my new table!


  1. How great is that? Can't wait to see it all prettied up! DR is a very good man!

  2. Nice job DR! My husband doesn't even know where the tools are! Oh how I wish Spence was did woodworking/home repairs... he's pretty good at World of Warcraft though!

  3. Three cheers for power tools and handy husbands!


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