Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Do You Doodle? - From my Art Corner

I remember back in college and during my pre-kid days I would doodle a lot. I would doodle the same shapes over and over again. My doodles always involved circles with other forms wrapped around them. So I did a drawing of my doodle in a more 3-D form.  My husband thinks this looks like a gourd around a sun!Do you doodle?


  1. Okay I used to doodle, but dang that is like a cool painting you put in your living room! My doodles NEVER looked like that! =)

  2. Hmmm.... I see what he is saying. It could also be an island or something made of leather. I doodle ALL THE TIME! I like to make mum flowers, you know keep building out on the little humpy pattern, and I like geometric patterns. My class notes were kind of comical if the prof was boring!

    Check out this web site I found today! Woo!

  3. I doodle but it looks nothing like that more like chicken scratch lol you're VERY talented!


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