Saturday, October 30, 2010

Purse Gurl!! I miss you!!!

The bright flower in my world is gone!! Purse Gurl has left me!

Oh, Purse Gurl...why oh why have you abandoned me?

Was it the noise? I tried to keep Yip and Yap quiet so you could sleep in on Saturday mornings.

Was it Yahoo? She just wouldn't stop stealing your shoes. Yes, I could see how that could be annoying.

Was it my sorry state of a kitchen? I realize it wasn't up to the standards of a Johnson and Wales Culinary Alumnus like you. If I promise to buy new pots and pans will you come back to me?

Was it me? It was, wasn't it? I was smothering you with my need for girl talk.....oh, and I kept stealing your InStyle magazines. Sorry.....

Please, oh please Purse Gurl...reconsider!! Come back to us!!

In all seriousness, Purse Gurl left yesterday to head back home to Indiana. Even though she arrived in Kansas two months ago a bit confused I'm happy to say she has a plan...that might bring her back to Kansas! BUT, until she the day she might return I'm still feeling lots of abandonment issues.

Luv ya bunches Purse Gurl! Hope your drive back to the Hoosier state was a safe one!

P.S. - Don't come back without pork tenderloins!!

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  1. Hugs to you! I know you are talking kind of tongue in cheek, but I bet there is a tear on top!


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