Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shelling Corn the Old Fashioned Way.

Today I'll show you where we "found" the cornmeal and wheat flour for yesterday's yummy Honey Cranberry Cornbread!

A couple weeks ago Yip and Yap's kindergarten class took a walking field trip a couple blocks from school to Raymond's house. Raymond is a retiree who had a backyard full of antique farm tools for the kids to try out. Raymond also goes to our church and the boys have been begging to go back to his house again. So Raymond graciously let us come over and play and learn!

The boys started off shelling corn. The cob of field corn would go in the top and a the large wheel on the side would be turned. The corn kernels come out the bottom and the cob gets pitched out the side.

Yay for John Deere!

Then the corn kernels would get poured into the corn grinder.

Each with full cups of!!
These boys make this look easy don't they! It was harder than it looks.

After all the cranking, the ground cornmeal fell out the bottom into a little basket Raymond had rigged up. Yep, that's where we got our cornmeal for cornbread! (I did grind it up a little more in a coffee grinder at home.)

Then they tried it with wheat. It didn't work quite as well but we still brought it home and made it work.

Yahoo tried to help too; she kept trying to put the cornmeal back in the top....when she wasn't eating it that is!

Raymond has all kinds of antique goodies hidden away!
A couple more corn shellers.
Antique strands of barbed wire too.

I've only seen a collection like this in the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City. Raymond said most of it he found here in the local area too.

A hand drill...thank goodness for electric cordless drills. This took a lot of work!

Raymond also had a scale. I'd never seen anything like this before. Sorry, I really should have tried to get a better pic of this. Basically it's a J shaped piece of metal that is hanging from the post. Metal weights are hung on one end on numbers while the thing being weighed (my boy) sits in a swing underneath with his legs off the ground. Which ever number the weight hangs balanced on tells the weight of Yip. 56 lbs.

Thanks Raymond! We had a great time. Don't worry, I have a loaf of cornbread with your name on it!


  1. Great little history lesson in your backyard! Those are the best and most meaningful! Glad the kids are still able to see how things were done "back in the day!"

  2. Looks like they learned a lot, and a ton of fun on top of it. I have not seen one of those hand drills in SO long!

  3. That looked like so much fun! I wish I had a nice retired neighbor I could get super-local cornmeal from :)


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