Saturday, October 9, 2010

Knitted Lacy Cap; a fit for all ages and sizes

Purse Gurl asked a few weeks ago if I would knit her a hat. I taught myself to knit a few years ago but am by no means an avid die-hard knitter. Every September I get the urge to knit but it's usually gone by January. So we cruised the Internet until we found a hat we liked. The pattern, however, wasn't well written and was confusing. I muddled my way through it and in the end came up with a pretty nice hat even though I had to figure out the pattern as I went.

It fits Yahoo perfectly!
It's snug and stretchy and she wears it all the time.

It's stretchy enough to even fit me comfortably. It's just a little short for an adult head though so I'm making another one for Purse Gurl that's the same width but just a bit longer.

If you are interested, here's my version of the pattern. It's not perfect but it works.

Use a set of double pointed needles and yarn to obtain gauge. I used medium weight yarn and sz.3 needles, In double rib pattern (k2,p2) 16st.= 3in. 

Cast on 94 stitches. (My head circumference is about 22 inches. If you want a larger hat add 4 stitches for an additional inch.)  Work in k2,p2 double rib pattern on every round for 2 inches.

Row 1; k2tog, yo - repeat this for one round
Row 2; knit

Repeat these two rows for 4 1/2 inches for an adult hat or 4 inches for a toddler hat.

Crown Shaping;

Row 1; k2tog, k2tog, yo - one round
Row 2; knit
Row 3; k3tog, yo, k2tog, yo - one round
Row 4; knit

Repeat these four rows until you have 18 stitches or fewer left. k2tog all around. You should have 9 or so stitches, then use a yarn needle to pull remaining stitches tight and weave in ends.

Stay warm this fall!



  1. Sigh.....Mom taught me how to knit when I was a girl, but I liked crocheting better. Maybe one of these days after life settles and before I totally lose my ability to see what I am doing up close (UHG!), I will give it another try. Love your hat though! Great job!

  2. The hat is cute & funky and looks fab on your baby girl. Good Job Mama! Stopping by from spotted leopard tribe


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