Friday, October 15, 2010

Guest Blog on Foody Friday! Guacamole with a Secret Ingredient!

Hey everyone and welcome to another episode of Foody Friday, with Prairie Mother, except I'm not Prairie Mother, I am Erin, from My Little Miracles, I'm just guest posting today, and she's over at my place, so check out everything she has to say about being a Gypsy at my blog,

We connected through SITS and we are just having a great time. So on with the show....

This week I will be presenting a super yum recipe which is also low fat....well lower in fat that if you made it regular.

Everyone loves guacamole, especially when it's made fresh. Because let's face it, after it turns that horribly nasty baby poop brown/green no one wants to eat it. You know you can cure that by leaving the pit of the avocado in the guac? I know I'm full of all kinds of useless trivia such as that!

Anyhow...if you have ever tried to make a huge bowl full of guac for a party you know you will need at least 10 avocados. Now I can tell you how to make an enormous bowl with just two....yes TWO avocados!

photo borrowed from Internet

Now before I present you with my excellent recipe for guac, do not turn your nose up until you make and try this recipe!

What you will need
1 - 10oz package of frozen peas (yes peas, hush, it's good, it's good for you, it's low fat and you won't even taste them)
2 ripe avocados
1 pkg of Great Guacamole (or any guac seasoning packet you desire)
1 large tomato - diced and seeded (or if you are a busy mom like me you can buy a container of pico de gallo)
1 small onion, diced
1/2 cup cilantro
Juice of one small lime.

Cook frozen peas as directed, pour into strainer and run cool water over them. Put them into food processor along with avocados and package of Great Guacamole. Blend until smooth, scoop into bowl and add your pico de gallo, juice and all (or your tomato and onion and cilantro). Squeeze the juice of one small lime and add to taste.

This whole recipe is based on what you like, if you want it chunkier add more Pico de Gallo, if you like a more limey flavor, add more lime. And if you want it spicy, you can add any kind of flavoring or chili or jalapeno during the food processing stage. It's all about what you like. But it will be a beautiful green color, it will make a huge bowl.

Now I prefer to chill mine for a few hours before serving but it's not necessary, you can dump that right in a bowl and serve immediately if you desire!
 Trust me, serve it up, everyone will devour it and say it's the best guac they have ever had, and no one will ever suspect there is peas in it.

Ssshhhh it will be our little secret. And if you do tell, people will look at you and say NO! It's a must have recipe for any party!

Have a great weekend, and Happy Eating!

Thanks Prairie Mother for letting me share a little Foody Fun on your blog today!


  1. YUMMY! I LOVE guac! Can't wait to try this, and I am scooting over to check out your blog!

    Nice to meet you! Stop by the farm for a visit!

  2. Great recipe- found you through Erin. We were in a SITS group together too. Visit when you can.


  3. I think I'll try this next weekend when we have friends over! I'm not a cilantro fan, can I substitute it with parsley or something?

    Nice to meet you Erin, I'll be heading to your blog next! Feel free to stop by my blog if you feel so inclined!

    Abby @ They Lend Me Their Hearts

  4. Brilliant! I will be making this ASAP, since I adore guacamole :) And why didn't I ever hear before that leaving the pit in keeps an avacado from tuning nasty? That's the handiest thing I've learned all wekk - thank you!


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