Saturday, October 2, 2010

Livin' in a Fog, a nod to Single Mothers

It's been a rough couple of weeks here and all I can say is I feel like I've been living in a fog. I have this feeling like I'm just going and going but not sure of the destination. The things right in front of me at the moment take all my attention. Lately, I haven't had much alone time or even the freedom to think of much else other than whatever I'm busy with at the moment. Harvest cooking, afterschool activities, kids, family worries...there is a lot that's running around my head these days, not to mention all the day to day responsibilities I have to take care of.

With harvest here and me being a Harvest Widow my day to day life has changed. Not only is DR never here and I'm cooking lots more but I'm also taking over my husband's household responsibilities too. Now I'm mowing the lawn and paying the bills and hauling the recycling away. There are so many little things that DR does for our family that gets overlooked until he's gone and I have to take them over. Then all those little jobs seem like awfully big jobs!

Harvest has gotten me thinking about single motherhood too. I tell people I'm a single mother during harvest and that life is more hectic with more responsibilities.  Then I feel like I am living in a fog with all these extra chores crowded around me. But really, I'm not a single mother. DR will come back eventually. I don't have to go to work everyday like so many single moms do. All the household chores won't be mine forever. My time as a Harvest Widow is only temporary.

With that it mind I just want to give a big high five to all those single mothers out there! Especially some of my single mom friends; Sarah, Kristie, know who you are! You ladies are fantastic. Not only do single moms raise their kids and take care of a household on their own but they do it while working too! I don't know how single moms do it. It would be enough to drive me crazy!

I think it's a brave thing to be a single mother. Some choose the role and some don't but I all the single mothers I know are courageous and resolute about the importance of their families. Wow! There are days when I feel like complaining about my plight as a "single-mother" but I realize that I have it easy compared to many mothers out there who never complain and still raise outstanding kids. I just want to let all you single mothers out there know that I admire you and all you take on for your families. You are truly heroes!

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  1. Oh lady, I hear you about living in a fog. Every single day I think I can't go on another day like this and somehow, the very next morning, I crawl out of bed and do the same darned thing. Gosh, I promise though, this will pass, and good for you for giving that nod to single mom's. It takes courage and strength, eh?


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