Thursday, September 9, 2010

Photo Thursday - Boys

With the boys being in school all day, I don't find the time to take near as many pictures of them lately. However I'm making a concious effort to shoot more photos of them on the weekends.


I love the way the shadow falls on Yap and the grass.

Silouhettes are hard to do when your camera has a mind of its own.


  1. Cool! I have never intentionally tried to shoot silhouettes. Any pointers?

  2. Set your camera to manual and make sure your subject is backlit, sun behind boys. Depress button halfway to focus your camera on the sky so it will take a light reading from the sky rather than the subject. Then, without releasing the button, recompose your picture and shoot. Your subject should be much darker and in silhouette than if you had focused on them first. Try it both ways and you'll see what I mean.

    With that being said, I still have a point and shoot and had to do a lot of editing to get these silhouettes to look the way I want them to.


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