Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Mom, I'm hungry!! Can I have a snack?"

"Mom, I'm hungry!"
 I swear, Yip utters this phrase at least a dozen times a day. Every five minutes....well, it feels like I hear it that often anyway. You'd think I starved the kid or something. He looks it, doesn't he? He drives me crazy.

And he's persistent. He won't take the answer, "No, you aren't hungry; you are just bored.", which is often the case. He restates his case over and over and over. He bombards me with supporting facts and arguments of just why he needs to eat again...and again...and get the idea.

This kid can talk forever too. He always has something to say; an idea, an argument, an opinion, a question, an annoying remark...something. Oh, there are days I am SO tempted to use an entire roll of duct tape on his mouth. I refrain but it sure takes a lot of self discipline on my part to deal with this kid some days.

It's who he is. He's my talker, my starving one, my mover and shaker.

And someday, someday, I'll be proud of his constant need to speak and share his thoughts. Someday it will be an asset for him. Someday, someone will want to hear him speak up.  But for now I'm off to feed him...just to shut him up!

God love him!! I sure do!


  1. My middle on is this way - she literally never shuts-up! Sometimes I tell her to please stop talking and she will tell me she didn't know she was! I feel your pain and your need for lots of duct tape!!!!!!

  2. Amen! I hear that after they get home from school, AFTER they finish supper, and on the weekends, it's non-stop times two! The oldest has a gum fetish I swear!

    Remember how we spent those first months begging them to walk and talk, and then we spend the next umpteen years telling them to sit down and be quiet (in various different wording scenarios!)


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