Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Cool Ride in Montezuma, Kansas...

Settling into a new community is always challenging especially when you are working to get into the "cool crowd". That's us all right! DR and I, we are social ladder climbers, yessir! Have to keep up with those Joneses next door you know!

Well getting in the cool Monte crowd means bike riding. Oh, I don't mean any old kind of bike boy. You want to make a social statement in this here town then you need one of these babies!

A three wheeled bike. I have never seen a bike like this anywhere. Have you? These bikes are custom made right here in town...and there's a waiting list. Even with a price tag of $900, yes that's right $900, they are in high demand and rightly so. Most of the folks riding these bikes are older and retired and in many cases in poor physical condition. One gentleman from our church who rides his all over can hardly walk because his feet are in such bad shape. Another woman who diligently rides everyday, and she is pretty quick, needs to walk with a cane. I have to say that these bikes seem to have done wonders for this community. There are dozens of theses bikes around! I have no doubt that without these bikes there are many elderly who would rarely exercise or leave their homes. Of course I did see two high school football players riding around the other day, not sure what that was about. LOL See? Everyone wants one of these bikes!

I know quite a few older folks around the country who would love to have one of these bikes! I'm not sure if the guy who builds them would ship em' out of state but you never know. Are you interested in one? It's the cool thing to do!! (At least here anyway!)

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  1. That is the most tush-friendly bike I have seen in a long time! I think I want one! :-)


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