Monday, September 13, 2010

Marker Monday - Nature Art

I found this quick nature craft on Family Fun Magazine's website. Over the weekend the kids and I went for a walk around town and collected feathers, leaves, grass and then arranged them between two pieces of self laminating papers. This is a great craft for all ages. Yip and Yap enjoyed it and Yahoo even did one!

Here is one sitting up in the window with the sun shining through. You can sort of see the edges of the laminating sheets.

Here's the same one laying on a table.

I think we may have to do a fall theme one after the leaves change colors. Well, that is if the leaves change colors out in Kansas? Seasons are already different here than what I'm used to!

P.S. - Yahoo and I also did some with tissue paper a few days worked great!


  1. How neat! I really like this! Thanks for the cool idea!

  2. Very nice! Sometimes we do a similar craft to make placemats for the kids! We take a sheet of orange construction paper, arrange fall leaves on it, and laminate with clear contact paper.

  3. Good son would enjoy this! Iam also a newer follower...come check out my family blog at


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