Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kansas State Fair!

I love fairs and I can never get my fill of them during the summer. On Saturday the kids, my cousin and I headed to Hutchinson, Kansas for the State Fair. (My cousin is out visiting for a bit but I'll post more on her later. For now I'll just call her Purse Gurl. She has quite the thing for awesome purses!)

Purse Gurl and I were both surprised at how much smaller the Kansas State Fair was than Indiana's, in all respects, but the crowds were smaller too and it was nice not having to fight so many people as we walked around. We did all the usual; walking, people watching and fair food eating.

Of course we hit all the barns too. The swine look lots different than Indiana! I also learned the rules for "fitting" some of the animals for show differed quite a bit too from what I'm used to.

At the petting zoo we saw this guy. All I want to now is, how does he sleep with all those horns? How does he lay down?

There was also an exhibit of woodcarvers whom the boys loved talking to. Hint - the best way to teach kids to carve is let them carve sweet potatoes until their hand muscles get stronger. Thanks guys, we'll try it out!

No matter which fair we head to, I've always enjoyed the educational exhibits the most. Yip found a microscope where he could inspect insects projected on a small tv screen. Very cool. Both boys also planted sunflower seeds to bring home. We'll see if they make it through the winter!

One of the funniest attractions was this "tall" cowboy complete with arrow through his hat. Yap argued with him quite a while telling him that he didn't really have long legs but he was on stilts. They finally agreed he was on stilts but the cowboy asked Yap to keep it a secret from everyone else! He agreed!

The boys also found a place to contribute to the painting of a huge banner. They were all ready to start a mural at home!

Oh, but the highlight of the day was by far when they rode the mechanical bull! Wow! What brave boys they were. Of course, the guy controlling the bull was awfully nice and didn't buck the boys off. Thanks!
Yap...Brave with his arm in the air!
"Look at me!!!"

Yip was a bit more cautious.
"Oh, I think I'll use two hands...thanks!"
What a smile!!

We had a great time and even though it was quite the drive, it was worth it. Like I said, I love fairs but the end of the day I'm always tuckered out!

"Yahoo, could you move over? I think I need a nap! Yahoo?"
Poor Yahoo, she just couldn't keep up.
Only one more year till the next fair! Maybe next year I'll get the stroller ride!


  1. Sometimes I like places with fewer people. All the crowds and "mass of humanity" can be a bit overwhelming, at least to me. Glad you were able to take in the fair and enjoy yourselves.

  2. Looks like fun! I'm always jealous of the kids in strollers... I want a stroller ride too! :o)

  3. I love the fair! Next week is our county fair. Can hardly wait! Your kids look like they had a lot of fun!

  4. Great photos. Looks like fun was had by all. The 4-horned sheep looks like a Jacob. Very neat breed.


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