Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our Anniversary Gift, oh how romantic....

Recently DR and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary!! Woo Hoo! 7 years, 3 kids, 1 dog, 5 states and 8 houses....Wow! We've been busy!!

Rather than get one another gifts this year we chose a gift together. Presenting our new.....


That's right! Our fully assembled Soil Machine to recycle food/yard waste into wonderful soil for our garden next spring! You're jealous aren't ya? I can tell. Isn't this an awfully romantic gift to give a spouse for their anniversary?? What could be better? Maybe a rubber bucket?
Yep, I knew a farmer who once gave his wife a rubber bucket for Valentines Day. It would be easier for her to feed the animals at chore time with this durable bucket. Pretty darn thoughtful don't ya think? (BTW...I KNOW this farmer's wife is reading this blog too!)

That's the thing about folks who grew up on a farm with crops or livestock. They are nothing if it isn't practical! Candy? It gets eaten. Flowers? They'll just die. Diamonds? Well diamonds are forever but I'm still trying to convince DR (and a good many other men I know) they are a good investment for wives. But a composter or rubber bucket? Yep, they are practical and useful and make life easier! Farmers...they sure know how to touch a girl's heart don't they?

What do you think I should ask for next year? A garden tiller? A lawnmower? A new set of garden tools? Oh, the practical possibilities are endless!!

What's the most "romantic" gift you've ever received from your significant other??


  1. Happy Anniversary! Ya'll sound like us. LOL. Most women want flowers, I'm delighted with seeds, or yarn, or a new garden tool. Good think my DH knows me well.

  2. I received a lawn mower for my birthday! It was/is a JD rider, and I think my husband would have had more $ left in his pocket if he had gone with diamonds! (PS! I finally have my diamond earrings. They came this Christmas, after 8 1/2 years of marriage. That means you are getting close!) ;-)

  3. Happy anniversary!

    When Spencer and I starting dating, we celebrated our 3 month anniversary. He got me seasons 1-3 of South Park. I wasn't too impressed with the gift choice, but was impressed that he got me something for a 3-month anniversary, and it did provide hours of laughter :o)

  4. Wow...7 years!!!!! Congrats (and wow you guys have been busy!). Love the ani gift! I would totally ask for something practical like this is perfect:)


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