Monday, September 6, 2010

Marker Monday - The Stauth Memorial Museum

The coolest thing about living in Montezuma, Kansas is the Stauth Memorial Museum.
 A museum only a block away from our house and admission is FREE. How cool is that??

The Stauths, Claude and Donnie, were residents of Montezuma. Claude was a travel agent and Donnie was a photographer. Throughout their lives they traveled all over the world many times over. As with any traveler, they returned home with souveneirs. After Claude's death, Donnie was convinced their souveneirs should belong in a museum. And so the Stauth Memorial Museum was built!

As you walk in the museum you are greeted by a world map highlighting some of the Stauths travels complete with photographs of themselves in different locations.

Yap loves checking out this display. A case full of coins from around the world that rotates around by the push of a button.


 and Musical Instruments. Yip keeps trying to convince the museum guides that he should be able to take home the "fiddle" on the left.  

I love these rugs! Every time we visit, every couple of weeks, I have the urge to roll em' up, stuff em' in the diaper bag and take em' home with me!

And there are pull out drawers of all sorts of smaller trinkets to rediscover.

An alpaca rug...Yip wants me to make one like this...uummm...we'll see son.

The Stauth's souveneirs from their travels is only a small part of the museum. There is also a room full of animal mounts, donated by friends of the Stauth's, that contain moose heads, polar bear hides and a wolverine pelt (Yip's favorite).  There is a small gallery of western sculpture that showcases a few small works by Frederick Remington. There is also a space for traveling exhibits which currently is exhibiting textiles (quilts, knitting, sewing, etc.) from the local area. But this past year the Stauth Museum exhibited photos by a National Geographic photographer Frans Lanting, working models of Leonardo Da Vinci's inventions and a historical look of Abraham Lincoln in Kansas. In December there will be an exhibit about the Science of SuperCroc! I'm really looking forward to that one!

What an amazing little gem hidden in a sleepy little town on the Kansas Prairie! If you are ever in our part of the world, the Stauth Museum would well be worth the time and effort to visit!


  1. like the new look around here. it looks like a wonderful museum with tons to learn about!! xo m.

  2. How neat to have this just a couple of blocks away! It's like you have your own field trip just waiting for you! Very cool!


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