Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Snow...but no Blizzard.

Well, we did get some snow and it was enough for a day off of school but no blizzard. We only had about 6 inches or so. It wasn't much but it was sure enough to play in. 

Yahoo thought it was sand when she woke up Tuesday morning and saw a fine layer blowing across the road. Ha! 

The kids ended up staying out playing for over two hours. 

As much fun as the snow was, we couldn't stay out all day long. 

The boys decided they wanted to play Rich Farmer, Poor Farmer...a Monopoly like game DR had from when he was a kid. It's 33 years old! 

It was a good day having the kids home all day. We stayed busy but we were definitely stir crazy by the end of the evening. It makes me wonder what we'll be doing to combat cabin fever over Christmas vacation. 


  1. I LOVE that last picture you posted!! Very nice!

  2. That game was invented by my daddy. That's my mom and dad in the picture on the box. Makes me proud to see y'all enjoying it!!!


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