Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Morning

We had a pretty good Christmas morning in the Prairie Mother household. 

Yip received a punching bag from Santa. Good! Maybe he'll work off all that excess energy!! 

Everyone had to take turns trying it out. 

And what Christmas morning is complete without Legos? 
Yep, just what I needed...more tiny pieces to "accidentally" vacuum up! 

Oh boy, the first Barbie! 
Yahoo LOVES it! 
See those clothes Barbie is wearing? She wore those clothes exactly 5.2 seconds after this photo was taken. She's been naked ever since. Yahoo likes Barbie that way. Oh boy. 

Yahoo's first doll house; she just loves how she can walk around all sides to play with it. I love how durable it and all the furniture is! 

Yap my little soldier got the army he was wishing for. They've been dispatched on missions all through the house. 

DR and I had good Christmas mornings too. The best part of course was just watching our kids and enjoying their toys with them. 

Although I have to say next year I'm getting up early and putting on makeup if DR is going to take pictures like THIS of me every year! 

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas! 

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  1. I hear you on the makeup! I even had time this year but just could find the motivation! Happy New Year!


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