Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Permanent Dinosaur Jammies

The preschool workings of the brain baffle me. How, for example, can Yahoo watch the same Dora the Explorer DVD everyday and never get bored? Why are cold hot dogs and macaroni and cheese preferable to hot ones? What on earth is the attraction of smearing hand lotion all over my bathroom mirror?

And now, the latest round of odd preschooler behavior....
...the dinosaur jammies.

Exactly 12 days ago I bought these pj's at a church garage sale. Yeah, I knew they were boy jammies but they were cheap, in really good condition, soft and warm. Yahoo said she'd wear them when I showed them to her so we took them home and she's worn them ever since.

Literally! EV-ER-SINCE. For 12 days straight she has worn them. She wears them to bed at night. She insists on wearing them at nap time too. In the morning I'll dress her in jeans but half an hour later she'll have changed into the dinosaurs. I'll dress her to go to the grocery store and as soon as we hit the front door she strips and puts on the dinosaurs.

I guess I shouldn't least she's wearing clothes now. A month ago I was worried I had a future streaker on my hands.

I've washed them three times in 12 days. And each time it was torture for Yahoo as she waited by the dryer with tears in her eyes. Weird kid.

Maybe this is just the beginning of fighting over clothes with my daughter. After all I remember fighting with my dad over my wearing jeans he thought were too tight or stealing his flannel shirts to wear when I was in high school. Flannel cool? Yeah, I guess I was weird too.

Maybe I should start a scrapbook just for Yahoo's crazy fashions through the years. If she's anything like me, I grew up in the 80's and 90's after all, it could be quite interesting.


It's time to wash the jammies again...pray for our sanity.


  1. Praying! Cute story. Their minds certainly are a mystery some days. I think the Christmas crazies have hit our two. They are both moody and grumpy.....might be a nasty preview to life cycles that will come too quickly around here. Better stock up on "happy pills."


  2. I love the picture of her with these jammies. She is haveing a great time posing for your camera. That's great1


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