Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lowering of the Flag

Saturday night DR, the kids and I headed over to Fort Larned, for the second year, to participate in an 1860's Christmas party. We ate some great food made from 19th century recipes; Marble cake, Cranberry Pie, Gingerbread, Eggnog...ugg..I had quite the stomach ache driving home.
The employees of the Fort were dressed in 1860's costume and a group of probably 50 or more huddled around a wood burning stove in a room lit only by candle light while we sang Christmas carols.

I fully intended to take lots of pics of the food and people but the room was so dark it was difficult to take many pictures. I could have of course, but the use of the flash in such a dark room really took away from the spirit of the old fashioned Christmas so I refrained from taking too many.

However, one of my favorite aspects of Fort Larned is the giant flag in the middle of the parade grounds. As you drive up to the fort you can see it over a mile away waving above the tree tops. Saturday night we happened to get there in time to see them lower the flag. It was really neat to see. This, I did take a lot of photos of. Scroll down quick...and enjoy the scene from a Civil War fort!

I'm such a sucker for just about anything historical!

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