Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Bacon Battle

We love bacon. We plow through bacon. We usually eat a pound of bacon every Sunday morning. 

As much as we love bacon, the Bacon Battle rages every Sunday morning and Christmas morning was no exception....

......because DR doesn't know how to cook it the right way!! 

It's gotten so bad that I have to cook my bacon separate from DR's. 
Mine is on the left, brown and crispy...utterly perfect. 

DR's is on the right, pale and practically raw....what a disgrace! 

Normally this wouldn't be an issue but DR has brainwashed our children into thinking "bendy" bacon is the proper way to cook such a wonderful delicacy. 

Curses! How am I to get them back on the side of good and noble and CRISP bacon?  


Bacon. It's become one of the great battles of my life! 

(So, how do you cook bacon? The right way I hope!)


  1. I'm right in the middle. I don't like mine to fall apart because it is sooo/toooo crisp, but it does need to be at least warm all the way through. If I had to pick between the two, I lean toward bendy! Sorry Chickadee, BUT I still want some crispy around the edge!

  2. Nice and crispy of course. Tell DR that must be a southern thing!!

  3. Nice and crispy of course. Tell DR that must be a southern thing!!

  4. Nice and CRISPY!! I don't want to feel like it should still be walking around on a farm somewhere. . . :)

  5. Right in the middle. A little bit bendy but with more of the fat cooked down and more color on the meat.

  6. I'm on your side sista. We are big time bacon eaters too- you would be at home with us. We are crispy eaters.

    Thanks for sharing>

    Kasse D.


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