Monday, December 12, 2011

Marker Monday - Fold a Dollar Bill into a Ring.

How to Fold a Dollar Bill into a Ring. 

Lay a crisp(ish) bill faceup on the table in front of you. 

Fold up the top and bottom white borders as shown. Crease the folds with your fingernails.

Fold the bill in half lengthwise. 

Fold the bill in half lengthwise again. 

Flip it over so that "The United States of America" is across the top. 

On the right hand (call it End A) end fold back the white border to create a tab. Then fold it again to form a square with the number 1 inside the folded square. 

On the left end (call it End B) fold up the end to the back to form a right angle, about 2 inches from the end. To make the ring even smaller fold it about 3 inches. Fold a few and you'll get the idea of where you need to make the fold to fit your finger. 

Fold End B down over the front of the strip. 

Now flip the strip over so End A and End B have switched places. 

Place end B on your finger and wrap End A around your finger and over End B and fit it to your finger. 
End B is now pointing down and End A is pointing to the left. 

Fold End B up...

...and over the back of the strip. 

Fold End A to the right over End B and tuck the white tab behind End B snugly. 

Your ring is now ready to wear! 

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