Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Cow Game Road Trip!

A friend passed on this game to me that we played the whole road trip to Indiana and back. I can't believe how long it kept us all occupied and boy was it fun!  

The Cow-Culator. Divide the people in your car into two teams; left and right. Decide when your game will end (miles/hours). 

Count the cows you see on your side of the car. 
That means if you pass a field of cows (or a feed lot!) count fast! Each cow is worth one point. 

If you pass a cemetary on your side of the car, the opposing team has to yell "Your cows are buried!" and you lose all your points. To prevent this your team, the one with the cemetery on their side of the car should yell "Cemetery!" first to keep all their points. 

Windmills and white horses are worth 50 points each. 

And a peg legged man is worth 500 points! 

We had so much fun with this game, especially through Kansas which is of course filled with cows and windmills. The game got really fun when we tried to distract the other team so they didn't see the cows. Or when we started arguing about just what constitutes as a cow? Does it have to be real or can in be a photo on a billboard? What about a peg legged man? Can we count the one on the movie playing in the back seat? (How to Train Your Dragon, Peter Pan, what others?) And just how much white has to be on a horse to make it a "white horse"? DR, who drove almost the whole way, was REALLY competitive! He saw every stinking cemetery and I lost every time! I think there came a point when DR and I were playing and the kids weren't! This was the best car game I've ever played. 

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