Friday, December 30, 2011

Fort Friday

Lately I've been surfing the blog, All for the Boys. As it says on their blog, " - a space for the boys in your life! We've often found that there is so much inspiration for girls on the web - so much to sew, craft, and create for girls. It is harder to come up with (and find) things that we not only like as parents but that our boys will like as well. No ruffles and lace here! We hope you'll be inspired to create, purchase, and play with your boys just as we are!"

Every Friday on All for the Boys it is Fort Friday where people share fort ideas to build. Some of them are as simple as a cardboard box with Christmas lights while others get quite elaborate! The boys and I enjoy surfing the photos wishing we had the skills, and space, to build some of the wonderful ideas we see, like the huge igloo

Being as we've had time on our hands this Christmas vacation the boys decided to build their own fort from their bunkbed. 

Yip, who sleeps on the bottom thought the red and green paint clothes would give him much needed privacy! And their blacksmithed hooks hold the curtains back. 

Yap, my wanna be soldier, received a camoflauge blind thing for Christmas which we attached to hooks in the ceiling. It's pretty cozy up there! 

Gotta say, I'm a bit jealous. This looks like a fun place to play..and sleep! 


  1. Fort Friday is awesome! Love it. Our son is 14 years old now but he LOVED building forts until probably this year. Blankets and some structure is all you need. Great fun!

  2. Oooo~ My girls had better not see this. They love to build forts. You go girl!

  3. I will have to check that site out! Our little guys love to build forts. The comforters we have in the closet for "on the floor movie night" get much more use as fort canopys! They especially like to plug in a night light in the living room as their "campfire" and camp out! LOL Love it!

  4. Tell the boys that they did an awsome job on their forts. Tell them I love and miss them.


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