Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wacky Wild West Weather

These photos were taken Saturday, yes only four days ago...January 29, 2011.

Yes, my kids were barefoot. It was 74 degrees.

But today it's 2 degrees...with wind and a little bit of snow.
With the whole Midwest and Northeast getting hit with blizzard levels of snow and ice, I REALLY wish we were getting some of it! My garden needs the moisture.

But nope, just a dusting of snow here.

 We've had these wild shifts in temperatures a couple times this winter here in Kansas.

It's weird. My kids don't know how to get dressed in the morning.

I tend to throw them outside in their underwear with a huge pile of clothes and they pile on the clothes until they are warm enough. Just kidding...if I did that Yip wouldn't wear shoes no matter what the weather was!

We get awesome, sunny weather that makes me think of getting to work in my garden when a glance at the calendar jerks me back to reality. January....it's only January.

(Well, February when you are reading this but still....)

 Only six more weeks til spring though! Of course  this year around the country spring may be stuck under snow!


  1. At least there is a good chance the ground hog will NOT see his shadow!

    Round one wasn't too bad here, but Purdue is closed for the day, waiting, I think, on the second punch coming this afternoon. It should be the big one!

    Hope you enjoyed the sun on your face! I can almost feel it!.

  2. That's crazy how warm it got. It stayed cold here and now there is a sheet of ice on the ground and mroe to come. Luckily we have power, but Im guessing when the next round comes we will lose it. Hope you are safe and warm.

  3. We've been having some pretty crazy weather around here too. Last Thursday/Friday was 12C (54F) and then on Saturday it dropped to -25C (-13F) and now it's around -5C (23F). All in the span of five days!


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