Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Drive to New Mexico

I just returned from a long weekend in Taos, New Mexico. And was it ever fabulous!! Four days wasn't nearly long enough to spend in such a wonderful town.

Officer, my sister, and her husband came out to see us and we took the opportunity to take this road trip. I took over 400 pictures this weekend! I wish I could share them all but I'll do my best this week to share as many as I can.

We drove through SW Kansas, the Oklahoma panhandle to northeast New Mexico. The first half of the 7 hour trip was pretty flat. I was having a hard time convincing my sister that we would see mountains.

 But we did get to see antelope! But darn, do they ever blend in with the landscape!

 We finally started driving through some mountains and the view was worth the wait!

 A frozen mountain lake!

I got to take a cold run one gorgeous morning right by these fellas.

Gorgeous mountain snow, perfect for sledding!  

Historical Taos and it's many wonderful shops and art galleries. If I had a week, I wouldn't have enough time to check out all the artistic treasures hidden in Taos.

This is the historic Taos town square with a veterans memorial (the cross) and a statue of  priest,educator, farmer, rancher, publisher and community leader Antonio José Martínez.

These are just a few pics to share but later I'll post pics from art museums, the Martinez Hacienda, Kit Carson Home and the rattlesnake I ate for dinner. No kidding! Stay tuned!!


  1. Sounds like an awesome trip. How great to take a day trip ot get to a new place in a day and so drastically change your scenery!

  2. Wow! Some great pictures of some gorgeous views! It looked like a really fabulous trip.


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