Saturday, February 19, 2011

Harwood Museum, Art Art Art!!!!!

Taos, New Mexico has a long history of art in the area; Georgia O'Keefe, J.D. Salinger, the Taos Art Society to name a few of the big names. I was pumped  to hit some of the art venues Taos offers.

On the Saturday before Valentines Day we hit up the Harwood Art Museum in Taos and boy did my jealous bone come out!!  

Check out the art room the museum has for kids!

The museum provided supplies for the kids to make Valentines. They had construction paper, glitter, stickers, markers, scissors, ribbons, glue sticks and tons more all laid out for the little ones to create Valentines for loved ones. The boys worked for an hour and a half!  

This is a paper mache dragon made out of a tomato cage that hangs on the wall of the art room. Yip loved it and we are on the lookout for our own tomato cage (and warm weather) to make our own! Every Sunday the museum opens the art room for two hours to let the kids make anything they want. How cool is that?
I want to move to Taos now please.

The rest of the Harwood Museum was small but
with some really beautiful artwork.
Another one of those fireplaces I like so much!

This painting caught my eye; a crowd in a movie theatre watching Indians attack a stage coach.

Ah! One of my favorite western artists, Joseph Sharp.

I enjoy contemporary art too and this wood sculpture of men wrestling
 reminded me too much of Yip and Yap!

But my favorite at the Harwood, the wooden sculpture Jesus Superman.

The Harwood was nice but small but the better museum
was the Taos Art Museum we visited the next day
 ...but you'll have to wait for that fabulous museum until next week!


  1. I love the sculptures and the painting and the boys looked like they had a blast. Being an artsy person myself I think it is so important to get our youth active in crafting.
    I also just realized it has been ages since I stepped foot in an art museum!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am so enjoying your vacation! Hurry up tomorrow!


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