Wednesday, February 2, 2011 progress

I told myself I wasn't going to do a mural.

Almost every house we've lived in I've painted a mural....

....then I moved away from it.

But I have this bathroom wall that was just screaming....


So after 2 or 3 different sketches,
I've silenced the screaming wall and started to paint.

A windmill, a barn, some prairie grass and a pheasant in flight....all in black. Like a giant pencil drawing.  

It's a small bathroom and too much color would go crazy in there, that's why I'm sticking with black.

And cuz, you know, black is classic.

Hi, I'm Johnny Cash.

ahem...back to the mural...

Some clouds and another small pheasant will be by the sink. There are a few other small spots in the bathroom where there will be small paintings too but the windmill wall will be the biggest.

A work in progress. So far so good with only two obstacles to overcome.

1. Yahoo.
There's only so much work I can get done
with an almost 2 yr. old running around.

2. COLD!
This bathroom is in the basement and dang,
can it get cold down there!

So armed with a Pooh Bear video and wool socks
I'm hoping to get the mural done before March!

Updates to come :)


  1. You are such an artist! I can't wait to see the updates. I have no creativity or artistic ability. Put on those wool socks and good luck.

  2. It looks great! I'm way too non-commital to paint a mural (even if I could) on my walls... it takes me MONTHS to commit to a singular paint color... I'd never be able to decide on a mural to paint! :o)

  3. You have some serious talent, whatever of your works you showed recently on your blog leaves me with my mouth wiiiide open. Can't wait to see the endresult of the mural!

  4. Oooo!I didn't know you could draw/paint. How marvelous! I love it. I can't wait to see the finished product.


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