Monday, February 28, 2011

Marker Monday - Plushie Wolverine (Ode to Hugh Jackman)

God bless that boy.
He drives me crazy some days with his requests.

"Mom, can you make me a lion mask?"
"Mom, can we build a catapult?"
Mom, can we make_____(fill in the blank)?"

Kid, I only have so much patience, time and resources!

But, he did ask the other day if I could make a Wolverine doll. Wolverine is his hero.

"Nope, I can't!", I answered triumphantly, "But YOU CAN!"

First we duct taped down a piece of white cotton fabric from my stash to a board. Then Yip drew out his Wolverine.  He painted it with slightly watered down acrylic craft paint. 

Then he added details with a Sharpie marker after the paint was dry.
I placed another piece of cotton fabric on top of the painting and ironed it to set the paint. This won't be exactly wash proof but it the paint will last for a long time if it isn't constantly being washed.

Then I pinned it and sewed along the outline of Wolverine.

 I cut out Wolverine and turned him right side out.
It took some extra trimming here and there.
Flat Wolverine waiting to gain some muscle!

I did all the hard work and the slave driver that I am, I made Yip stuff Wolverine.
Okay, I did help with the tight spots.


The finished product!
Okay, maybe that's just a little wishful thinking on my part.
Betcha didn't know I've watched Wolverine Origins more often than Yip has!
Hugh Jackman is dreamy.

Well if I can't have Hugh Jackman to make googly eyes at, then I'm pretty happy to have these two around instead!
I think Yip did a pretty awesome job.


  1. Awesome job! Our Little Bear is just like your crafty one, and it IS exhausting some days when you do try to create what is in their minds!

  2. I LOVE IT!!!! You like the mutton chop look huh? I'm sure DR can grow some for you.

    Marvel Man

  3. I would LOVE for DR to grow a big bushy beard. I've begged him! But he won't. He says a beard would be a safety hazard in his job. I don't quite believe that excuse but whatever. I'll have to learn to be content with his goatee!

  4. What a wonderful project and so much fun! I wish I were good at crafts and projects like this.
    I LUV Huge Jackman!!


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