Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Boys Behold! The Power of Underwear!!!

Yes, that's right today I'm presenting to you the wonders of underwear! But not just any underwear but the power of all that is preshrunk and cottony....Captain Underpants!!

Captain Underpants is my boys' favorite series of books right now. Santa dropped off the series of eight books...and we've already read them all....and we are reading them again.

The Adventures of Captain Underpants is the story of George and Harold, two 4th graders who hypnotize their mean and nasty old school principal, Mr. Krupp, into believing he's Captain Underpants, the superhero in the comics the boys create. However, things get out of control and Captain Underpants has thrilling adventures with George and Harold in tow involving space aliens, Booger Boy, Super Bionic Hamsters, horrible cafeteria ladies and squishies.

If my boys EVER get caught doing a squishie I'll never let them read another book again. Don't know what a squishie is? A squishie, aptly demonstrated by George and Harold in their 6th epic novel, consists of sliding ketchup packets under the toilet seat so when the unsuspecting potty patron sits down ketchup gets squirted in their underwear. Nice...

Warning: IF you are an English teacher (the two of you I know read this blog) you may want to avert your eyes to the unpleasantness in the next photograph.

Captain Underpants books aren't always up on the rules of spelling or grammar.

And they can get violent. In fact every book has an incredibly graphic chapter in Flip O Rama. The art teacher in me loves Flip O Rama, teaching the basic principles of animation!

And there is PLENTY of gross little boy humor; Wedgie Woman, Booger Boy, accidentally turning their grandparents into superheros too, and hanging police officers from signs.

 (hee hee, I always think of my sister when I get to this page)

Captain Underpants books can get gross and immature and rolling on the floor funny.

But the best thing...the very best thing I've found in the Captain Underpants books is this.

Yip has been making his own comic books...tons of em'! He's constantly drawing and writing and always asking me how to spell something.
"How do you spell Frankenfart?"
"How do you spell evil?"
"How do you spell Poopypants?"

Okay, those aren't exactly the words I would choose to teach him to spell first but hey...my boy is excited about reading and writing! If wedgies and farts and squishies keep him reading then move over Superman because Captain Underpants will always be my hero! And that my friends is the power of underwear!

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  1. I'm still giggling about the squishies! Steve even asked me what the heck was so funny! Too Funny!

    Don't worry about the misspellings. After readying a bunch of Junie B. Jones books, I'm used to it. What drives me nuts is the lack of capital letters! If your name is not e.e. cummings, you should follow the rules as best you can! Oh, and using the words "everyday" and "every day" correctly. Guess I should back off my soap box now right? :-)

    Thanks for the smile today!


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