Thursday, May 27, 2010

Garden Deja Vu

As I was working in my little garden today hoeing and pulling weeds I had a sudden onset of deja vu. Not the kind of deja vu where I remember doing the same gardening tasks as last year and the year before.
 No, I was hearing the echo of voices generations past.

As I sat in the dirt pulling weeds I heard myself say to the boys, "Did you plant these weeds in my peas?" Wait...I remember my Grandma L asking me the very same question. I was as puzzled as the boys were by such in inquiry.

And once when I had to holler at Yap to stop walking on my carrots the image of my mom yelling at me for the very same offense popped into my vision.

Wow, I never imagined while weeding radishes I would see my dad in my mind's eye eating the spicy red veggies with bread and butter.

And my surprise potatoes, once I missed digging up last year, caused me to remember a wonderful potato dish my cousin taught me.

Green beans!! Ha, I'll never forget all the summers snapping green beans with Mom and Grandma and getting reprimanded for throwing the ends in the wrong bowl.

Wow...the memories a simple garden can bring. I hope my kids will have such wonderful garden memories when they are my age.


  1. what a wonderful post. memory is such a wonderful thing and it is amazing how any of the senses can trigger it.

  2. Gardening does the same thing to me! I live on the farm that I grew up on in the house I grew up in and I plant my garden in the same place the exact same way my mom did.

  3. How nice that gardening can bring such a feeling of nostalgia.

    p.s. I need to plant a garden, but I hate gardening, please come right away!


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