Monday, May 24, 2010

Marker Monday - Anatomy

Along with our other homeschooling activities (math, writing, and reading), a couple weeks ago, I thought we'd throw in a little science as well. Where to start? With ourselves of course, and we began a two week long study of our body and anatomy.

I have the set of 1986 Childcraft Books I grew up with that we used to learn about the nervous, digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems. We looked at diagrams and talked about the purpose of each system and how it worked. I found this web site where we printed off organs to color. (These is a neat website I'll definitely come back to for educational resources.) Then the boys glued them to a large outline of themselves we had taped to their closet doors. Everyday we added a new system.

Here the boys started with their heart and are drawing red arteries and blue veins in their bodies. I did this way out of order. We should have done the brain first, digestive, then lungs and heart last because we ended up pulling the heart off to tuck the lungs underneath. Oh well, live and learn.

Here they are posing with their bodies. Yap is holding his eyes open so he won't blink for the picture. :)

At this point I thought we were done. It took a week, a good amount of time,  but oh no...Yip wanted bones. Bones?? Uh, okay. I couldn't find a good place on the Internet to print off bones that could be put on their paper bodies. So we spent the next week drawing, cutting out and gluing on bones.

Here is the finally finished product! The boys love them and get really grumpy if Yahoo even gets close to them! I'm surprised how much information about anatomy they have remembered and bring up later.

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  1. Gosh you guys went all out! Great work! Thanks for the bread recipe. I have some pumpkin in the fridge waiting to be used so I am going to give it a go this week! xx m.


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